Steamy weather, Old Home Day, upcoming Book Club meeting and Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard  


This relentless steamy weather has apparently been driving people to visit camp Plymouth State Park in droves. I understand that the weekend before 1400 people were counted and this past weekend over 1000. Sprinkles of rain here and there have not caused people to relinquish activities at the park, but also they have not provided relief for the dry conditions that are turning grass brown and causing plants to wither.

Route 100 has now been paved all the way to 103, although the lines have not been done yet.  The workmen seemed to be diligent and delay times were usually not too long. It now seems to be smooth sailing!

I understand that the crowd at the historic site for Old Home Day was not as large as some of years, but there were many competing events this past weekend. Plymouth Fire Dept enjoyed a good turn out for the BBQ and I am told that being there and visiting with folks was a highlight for many.

The reading group will be meeting at 6:30 PM via Zoom on 8/10 to discuss The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles. It should be an interesting discussion. This time we will be choosing books for the next three months, too.

I have heard that there are still folks interested in and working on preserving the dam between Amherst and Echo Lakes. I look forward to receiving more information, so that the latest can be included in the Plymouth Press.

Don’t forget that the Tyson Ladies Aid 8/13 Bazaar will be held at Fletcher Farm this year, including their wonderful and varied basket raffle, book sale, fabulous bake sale, and of course delicious barbecue. There will be other vendors there also, so plan on attending!

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Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar Returns with a Bang!

Back by popular demand, the Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar is on target to be held on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022 from 10 – 2 pm at Fletcher Farms on Rte 103 just south of Ludlow.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy a great couple hours viewing and taking a chance to win one or more gift baskets tthat are sure to please everyone, young to old. The imagination and creativity that these ladies put in to creating these unique and fun baskets covering many themes are unsurpassed. covering lots of fun themes. AND take advantage of some of the best BBQ chicken you’ve ever tasted! On top of that, these Ladies are known far and wide for their home made baked goods of which there will be many for your enjoyment and for sale. What fun!

New this year is the location of this beloved event. We are holding it in conjunction with Fletcher Farms 75th anniversary on their site at Rte 103 just south of Ludlow.

All proceeds from the bazaar baskets, Chicken BBQ and bake sale go towards supporting scholarships to local h.s. seniors, community support and running the FREE Tyson Library. Please come join us and help us support your community while enjoying a fun event. For further information contact Janine Norman at 802-228-8764.

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Plymouth Old Home Day at Coolidge Historic Site, lunch at the Emergency Services chicken BBQ, Select board Agenda! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I have routinely been seeing a 4-legged creature in my yard of late. I barely recognized the mangy fox because there is absolutely no fur left on its tail. In light of recent reports of rabid foxes in Ludlow, I have been somewhat concerned. Yet, as I did some internet research, there was mention that mange can cause them to be less fearful. It settled in the sun on my upper bank and rolled around, possibly trying to sooth its itchy condition.

We are so fortunate to have an abundance of wildlife in our area, yet sometimes sharing space can cause issues. I have previously noted bear “invasions” and I recently heard about a flotilla of geese chasing a swimmer on Woodard. In the meantime, the hummingbirds are busy sipping at flowers and feeders and the butterflies are fluttering in great profusion. Lots to ponder and enjoy.

I seem to be out of the loop on local happenings these days. I know we are at the end of July, but I just realized that Plymouth Old Home Day is coming up on 8/6 at the Coolidge Historic Site. As usual, the re-enactment of the Presidential oath of office will be happening with current Coolidge family members assuming the roles. Come enjoy demonstrations of sheep shearing, straw hat braiding, spinning and take a wagon ride or play old-fashioned games. Last but not least, savor lunch at the Emergency Services chicken BBQ!

Select Board Agenda for 81/22 at 6 PM

Carol goodwin – scheduling town vote on bond issue

Ambulance contract updates

Cell phone tower contract

Speed on Kingdom Road

Stickney bridge bids


Select board clerk and website administrator

Macawee Pond Road decision

Cemetery funds request

ARPA grant request

Warrants and mail

Future discussion and decisions

upcoming elections

building renovation and bond

inclusion statement

sanctuary town
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Hot weather, update on injured bear cub and upcoming Tyson Ladies Aid annual Bazaar ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Well, this sustained hot weather is a bit oppressive, but swimming in the lake makes it bearable. That and my heat pump set on AC keep me quite comfortable. I am still having a water issue, so have needed to restrict watering. As I write this on Sunday evening, I am awaiting the predicted rain, but alas, it seems to be slow in arriving.

I am happy to report that the injured bear cub rescued by my neighbor, Mark, is making good progress and can hopefully be returned to the wild at some point. The game warden transported the little fellow to The Kilham Bear Center, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned, abandoned, and injured black bear cubs. It is an expensive proposition and donations can be maek C/O Ben Kilham, PO Box 37, Lyme, NH 03768

There was a delightful birthday gathering today on Dublin Rd to celebrate Bill Kelley. It also provided me with the opportunity to see friends that I hadn’t seen in ages and to meet new new people!

I hope that folks are availing themselves of the Plymouth Farmers Market on Sunday afternoons. Tyson Ladies Aid is gearing up for the Annual Bazaar, including the amazing array of gift baskets, the legendary bake table and book sale on Saturday, 8/13. This year it will take place at Fletcher Farm which will afford better parking. Mark you calendars!

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Sunny days, interesting car wash experience and boat on Echo lake ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Bright and sunny again today (Sunday), but hopefully some much needed rain will arrive tomorrow. I am being careful with my water usage after my sadly diminished spring let me down a couple of weeks ago. So, in order to save my water, I decided to go to the car wash in Chester yesterday and had an interesting experience.

I paid, pulled in and stop when signaled to do so. I was wondering why there was only one pass of soapy water. Then the green light flashed telling me to exit. As I contemplated the situation, I noticed that the bar was coming down in front of my car, so I really couldn’t move forward. The door behind me was closed.

I hoped that perhaps when the bar reached the bottom it would rise again, but that isn’t what happened. I couldn’t get out of my car with apparatus blocking me in, so I called 911. Was this truly an emergency? I was patched through to a very nice fellow who tried to call the company – the number was no longer valid. Then I was transferred to a lovely gal who dispatched an officer from the Chester police dept. He indicated that this had happened in the past! Anyway, he managed to open the back door, through which I left, with a streaky car….

There has been an issue on Echo Lake this week regarding a boat that is making huge waves & causing consternation and damage to docks and such. My suggestion is to let the Select Board know your concerns to see if anything can be done about the situation. This lake is much tosmall for these boats and I understand that legislation is going to be undertaken on the state level in the future. Everyone needs to be mindful and respectful so the all can enjoy this beautiful lake.

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Some spots still open at Bethany Birches Camp!

Per Brandon Bergey, if you are looking for an affordable, highly rated and high quality, fun and faith-filled camp experience for your child, check out Bethany Birches Camp.  While some sessions have waitlists, some still have a few openings.  Those include:

And if you are new to Bethany Birches learn more about the camp here:

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Active bears, Book Club and Select Board meeting tonight ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I was surprised to see the thermometer reading 44 degrees this morning (Sunday), but it warmed up nicely. That made me very happy since I was having dinner for neighbors who helped me to get my water back up and running. It was a team effort to determine that the tile in the spring had refilled, then to prime my water pump. Not everyone who participated was able to attend, but it seemed nice to have dinner out on the deck with friends. Now we need some rain to raise the water level!

Bears have been causing problems here in town. I have heard that one killed a fawn and there are also tales of chickens being taken. One friend had a bear barge into her small mud room, but fortunately it didn’t get into her trailer. It is wonderful to have so much wildlife all around us, but they seem to be getting bolder and are appearing during the day as well as at night. I have heard that they don’t like ammonia and some folks are using that as a deterrent.

The book group will be meeting on Wednesday, 7/13 at 6:30 PM to discuss Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty by Anderson Cooper. I found it quite enlightening, so there should be a lively interchange. I am not certain it has been determined yet if we will meet in person and/or on zoom this time.

In speaking with Mary O’Brien, there has been a change in Hazardous Household Waste disposal. A temporary site has been found in Springfield where you can take bathroom cleaners, nail polish remover, paint, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, gasoline, etc.on Tuesday and Thursday mornings until the end of September. Call Mary at 802-674-9235 for an appointment and directions.

The next Select Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, 7/11, so I have noted the agenda as posted on the Town website below:

6:00 Call to order and intro of those present

6:05 Warrants and Mail

Hawk Tax Sale update

Highway ordinance for Sheriff

Cannabis Board

Ambulance Contract


Town land on Johnson Farm Road – Forester/logging

Parking lot – upcoming decisions

Tax rate

Macawee Pond Road

Upcoming election –

• Building renovation and bond

• Inclusion statement

• Sanctuary Town

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4th of July celebrations, Homeowner Assistance Program information~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I hope that everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend! There seemed to be lots of people finding respite here in VT. I did not make it to any of the festivities at the Coolidge homestead this weekend, but I have heard there was good attendance. The construction on Rte 100 stopped on Friday, but I imagine it will happening in full force on Tuesday!

I attended the fireworks in Brownsville with friends on 7/3 and they were exceptionally good this year. Of course, nighttime has been bringing the sounds of backyard celebrations for over a week now and I imagine they will continue.

Just a quick note about the HOMEOWNER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (HAP). From what I understand, if you are behind on housing expenses due to the COVID-19, you can apply to Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) for federal American Rescue Plan funding. Qualifying expenses include: missed payments on mortgages, utilities (water/sewer, electricity, home heating), property taxes, and homeowner or condominium association fees. You must own your VT home and have it as your primary residence. There are financial guidelines and grants take into consideration household size. I was told that funds are still being provided, but I received the impression that the sooner you apply the better. Learn more at or call (833)221-4208

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Strawberry Festival a success, items of importance at Select Board meeting and Calvin Coolidge’s 150th birthday! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


It appears that summer is back, but I have appreciated the fact that the humidity has been relatively low. The plants (flowers and veggies) are doing well and adding some soaker hoses has allowed me to escape the bugs! The rain this morning (Monday) is most welcomed.

I have to say that there were not many biting insects on the prowl at the Strawberry Festival on Wed. Perhaps it was the cold weather that kept them away, but it didn’t prevent over 300 from attending and enjoying themselves. It was nice to see familiar faces, yet many new people were there, also. As usual, volunteers from Emergency Services and Tyson Ladies Aid worked together and there was a 50/50 raffle by Tyson Church. Adam and Sue provided great music, too.

The Select Board meeting on 6/20 attracted a number of participants and several more people attended via Zoom. I am hopeful that the VT Journal will make note of the meeting particulars in the issue this week, since there were several important discussions including: the scope of Select Board approvals in regard to an inclusion statement presented by Todd Menees and a previously approved firearms statement; interim appointment of Beth Lombard as part-time Town Clerk; and an update on Town Hall renovations.

I have learned from Kristi Rollins that her mom, Karen Mansfield, passed away peacefully on 6/21/22. Many will remember Karen from her time as a resident here, in particular when she was administrative assistant at the Coolidge Foundation during the time it was housed in the basement at the Union Christian church. Condolences to family and friends.

It’s 150th birthday for Calvin Coolidge, so hopefully folks can join some of the activities! As usual at noon on 7/4, the Vermont National Guard will lead a march to the cemetery where a wreath from the White House will be placed at the president’s gravesite. Afternoon activities include tours of the historic village, birthday cake, wagon rides, Stringfield Springers old-time string band, traditional craft demonstrations, and children’s games, all free although admission is charged to tour the historic buildings. The Coolidge Cup National High School Debate will finish up on 7/4 and be followed by the award ceremony. As you can see it will be an exciting time!

Pictures by Sue Poirier

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Black River Action team seeking volunteers to help de-Phrag Amherst Lake at 9 AM on Saturday, 6/25 & VT Homeowner Assistance Program information

The Black River Action team is looking for volunteers (adults & teens) to help de-Phrag Amherst Lake at 9 AM on Saturday, 6/25, starting at the Hawk marina.  

You will need to bring a shovel and will be shown how tackle invasive Phragmites reed that have taken over the northern shoreline.  You can register to assist with this worthwhile endeavor at  

You are encouraged to bring:  “a sense of humor, a bottle of water, bug and sun protection.  Footwear should be such that will stay on your feet and can get muddy – no flip flops, sandals or crocs.”  Contact Kelly Stettner with questions at 802-738-0456.

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