Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report – Sept. 6

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard

Well, trying to regain some sense of normalcy during this chaos. Plymouth roads are a mess, but the rebuilding is progressing amazingly fast. It is difficult to keep up-to-date & instructions keep changing – even several times in a day. I just received word that the Governor has cancelled his scheduled visit to Plymouth for today (9/6).

Basically, I would say that staying off the fragile temporarily fixed roads will give the crews a better chance to make more substantial repairs. The Rocky Road 1 connecting the 2 ends of town where Rte 100 has been severed is passable via 4WD vehicles, but not encouraged as they try to make Rocky Road 2. After the Labor Day rains, it was restricted to emergency personnel & construction vehicles. The Kingdom & Notch roads call for the same caution, especially since there is heavy truck traffic to bring in needed materials. By the time this goes to print, things may be different!

There was a meeting at Tyson Church on Sat, 9/3 to try to bring folks on this end of town up to speed & to obtain input, since the daily meetings at the Town Building were pretty much inaccessible from here. There were probably 100 people & I believe the most beneficial thing to come out of it was the networking between neighbors. Those who could offered to assist those who needed help & that is still continuing. Thanks to Art for bringing dumpsters for trash & for recyclables. Hope that can happen again this coming weekend!

Food was transferred to the Inn at Waters Edge (thank you Tina & Bruce for housing it) & many hands transported the goods & organized it. Jim Nielson brought over perishable food from Hawk. What was not given out has been cooked up by Tina & brought to the Town Bldg for the meals they are serving. Some of it, plus food others are preparing will be used for a community supper at Tyson Church on 9/6 for the south end of town. Not trying to exclude the other side of the Rocky Road, but simply to help us process this disaster & gather for some special time together, without negatively impacting the Rocky Road.

Life goes on & school has started, despite the need to take alternate routes. It will be good for the students to get into a regular routine & focus on other things. Folks are getting back to work, but not everyone since their jobs are not feasible at the moment. Let’s remember that help is needed not only for those whose homes have been destroyed, but also for people whose income have been disrupted. Food & supplies are available on both ends of town – the Town Bldg & the Inn At Water’s Edge. I believe that Kathy Lynds has set up a place in the Notch as well.

On a lighter note, Happy Birthday to Anna Hepler (9/6) & Elaine Gambone (9/9). I understand that Eric & Elaine have their anniversary on 9/13 – congratulations! Focusing a bit on positive things will certainly help us through this difficult time.

It was nice to see so many people in church on Sunday, where we shared stories that were heartrending at times, but also showed there have been many blessings for which to be thankful. One such incident bears repeating. Our canoe was attached to John Henelly’s dock, both of which were missing after the storm. It was spotted across the lake with the white plastic chair still attached & cinder blocks on top that were supposed to keep the dock from moving. He & Tom were attempting to retrieve it in his canoe with a tiny motor attached. In crossing back across Echo Lake, the motor died & they began paddling. Soon a kayak decided to help & attached to the front, then another canoe did the same. It must have been quite a sight – a canoe towing a kayak, towing a canoe, towing a dock, with a sailboat attached. Neighbors helping neighbors! If anyone happened to get a picture of this flotilla, please send it to me.

Elaine Gambone sent a note about the Memory Tree accepting contributions to help Plymouth residents, but noted that channeling it through non-profits Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Inc. PO Box 39 Bridgewater, VT 05034 or Church of Our Saviour PO Box 272 Killington, VT 05751 would allow donations to be tax deductible. Of course, people have already been sending donations to help Plymouth residents to Tyson Church at 39 Dublin Rd, Ludlow & we can funnel the money as well. The important piece is that folks want to help & there are those who definitely need it!

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