Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report – 9/17/11

From Margo Marrone
Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard 

Although it was a late decision to have the Reach Out Luncheon on the 15th, we did have a fairly good turnout for our pasta, sausage, & salad meal. We had 4 scrumptious desserts as well! Leftovers were frozen & will be part of the goodies on hand at What is it worth – the Antique Appraisal (6:00-9:00 PM) with Expert, Jim Marquis to be held at Tyson Church on Thursday, 9/22. For $5 per item, he will give his assessment of your valuables. The church is located at 39 Dublin Rd on the Tyson/Ludlow border – across from the Echo Lake Inn & yes, you can get here! Funds will go toward hurricane relief efforts & dessert will be provided.

Please note these other fundraising events: a BBQ sponsored by Hawk Inn & Mountain Resort on 10/1, as a fundraiser for the Town of Plymouth, to help meet the needs of those who are experiencing hardship as a result of hurricane Irene. Folks may come to the tent, located next to the pond between noon & 4PM to enjoy a complimentary BBQ and entertainment, and to spend some time together. Donations that are received will be distributed through the Plymouth Memory Tree Recovery Fund set up to help Plymouth folks.

Also, the Historic Site and Calvin Coolidge Foundation will host a benefit concert to raise money for The Plymouth Memory Tree on October 15th from noon until 5PM at the Coolidge chapel. Jay Ottaway can provide additional information. Bill Jenney said that he is currently awaiting word about when the Historic Site might reopen. The road situation is a bit confusing, with signs up indicating that certain roads are closed, yet they are often listed as accessible. Work continues to be done, so having traffic on them, can be a hindrance. There is a listing of roads on the Plymouth Recovery website.

Please wish Roger Pingree a belated 88th birthday. I believe it was on the 9th, but I imagine he will appreciate your best wishes, even after the fact! He & Dot related a funny story at the Reach Out Luncheon. Michelle & Justice have a duck whose eggs were washed away, so chicken eggs were substituted. One egg hatched, so the chick was aptly named Irene!

Over 50 people attended the tree planting ceremony today (9/18) in memory of Debbie Vetrano, who worked for more than 26 years at the Echo Lake Inn, spanning the time of several owners. Deb’s sister, Maureen & her family were there, as well as her dad. In addition to a wonderful array of appetizers, Laurence also provided a birthday cake for Mr. Vetrano, to honor his special day.

I was not able to attend the Recovery Update meeting this past Saturday, so my information is all second hand. I understand the in addition to praise for the road work that has been progressing so nicely, concern was expressed about smaller roads with temporary fixes. Since winter is approaching, fuel deliveries will soon be needed. I have been told that Ralph indicated that folks can call the town office if this is actually a problem.

Representatives from the Small Business Admin & FEMA were also on hand. It was suggested that a review be requested if you have been found ineligible for help. FEMA offices are now open daily at the Okemo Marketplace in Ludlow & behind the Post Office in Killington.

A Food Shelf has been set up at the Recovery Center, located in the former Plymouth School Building. There is considerable help & information at the Center, so if you need a hand with something or just some ideas about what is available, stop by or call – 672-3666. Also, if you have some time to volunteer, this is a good place to visit to offer your services.

I officiated a wedding at Hawk this weekend & there was also one at the Echo Lake Inn. It is wonderful to see folks coming back to VT to enjoy time here, even as repairs are still underway. Our businesses have definitely suffered, even if they have not sustained flood damage. It seems like most people are trying to encourage one another & remain optimistic!

As was pointed out at the meeting prior to the Update meeting, there is documented emotional impact associated with natural disasters, that manifests itself in an array of normal responses, such as fear, anger, depression. Memory loss & fatigue as well, so it will be important to be kind to one another & seek help when needed. This Sunday, we will have our monthly Healing Circle, following our regular 10:30 Worship service at Tyson Church. It is a confidential small group time of intercession for healing of physical, emotional, & spiritual needs for ourselves & others. Feel free to join us.

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