Plymouth Historical Society Thanks Hawk Inn and Mountain Resort

From Betsy Tonkin, Secretary, Plymouth Historical Society

The Plymouth Historical Society wishes to express its gratitude and say thank you to Kathy Calvin, Resort Manager, and Jim Neilson, both of Hawk Inn and Mountain Resort, for displaying and selling twelve Plymouth Historical Society commemorative water bottles honoring Plymouth’s 250th anniversary. The resort’s efforts on the society’s behalf resulted not only in a significant contribution to its coffers ($120) but also demonstrated graciousness in collaborating with the Plymouth community. Their magnanimous gesture was even nobler in light of our recent disaster. As Michael Clarke, Hawk resident and historical society member, so aptly put it, they were “giving from the heart as its own was pained.”

As we continue the recovery and the town works towards adjusting to the many changes imposed by the ravages of the flood, the Historical Society will be reevaluating its endeavors as well. However, the sale of the water bottle souvenirs will support the ongoing goal of maintaining and displaying the many acquisitions in the museum and providing future programs of historical interest.

Many thanks, again to Hawk for their assistance. Hopefully the bottles were put to good use and the purchasers returned home with fond memories of Plymouth and Hawk Mountain Resort.

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