Plymouth Recovery Assistance Center November Update

From Jill Davies, Plymouth Recovery Assistance Coordinator

The Plymouth Town Recovery Assistance Center is still in operation but our office in the school has closed.  You can get in touch with us by email or by phone. You can leave us a message on 802 672 3666 and let us know when and how to get in touch with you.  Or you can email us at  You can get limited bottled water, water test kits and useful resource materials from the town hall.

We can help in many different ways to assist you through this process of recovery from Tropical Storm Irene.

If you suffered water damage to your home, your driveway or your property we recommend that you register for FEMA if this is your primary home or a business or if you are renting a property.  There are a few instances of people discovering that their septic systems have been damaged or mold is growing inside or outside their house many weeks after the storm.  You must register by November 15th to be able to make any future claim or any claim from other funds that exist to help with repair costs.

You can register with FEMA by phone 1 800 621 3362 or online at   The FEMA recovery centers have now closed in the nearby towns. Once you have registered this is what happens next:

  • FEMA will send you an application form to apply for an SBA loan.  If you complete and return this form by November 15 you may be eligible for a low interest loan.  If you are not eligible there may be additional funds available for you from FEMA.   If you don’t submit that application you will not be eligible for those additional funds.
  • An inspector visits and days later you get a decision and maybe a check
  • If you don’t like the decision, appeal it.  Find out the reason for refusal and do what is required.  Contact us if you need help

There are other sources of funds that might be available to make up any shortfall between the cost of your repairs and FEMA grants.  If you have repairs that have not been funded by FEMA and this is your primary residence, please contact us and we may be able to help you.  The Plymouth Memory Tree and the Vermont 2-1-1 fund have grants and there are a few other funds for specific things.

If you or your neighbors have questions or concerns please contact us.

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