Pingree’s Tractor Rescued: Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


Well, I wasn’t ready for all that snow! Hearing from a friend in Pittsfield, MA where they received 20+ inches & my sister in NY where they received over 10 inches of snow, I guess we can’t complain. It looks pretty, but I won’t mind if it melts this time around!

How fortunate that the inclement weather didn’t start until later in the day on Saturday, because it didn’t hinder the amazing work that was done at the Pingrees on Rte 100. Many hands helped to clean out the farmhouse & to retrieve & empty silt from the jeep & tractor that were in the barn that was inundated with flood water from Money Brook when Irene came to town.

Brett Wright & his crew brought in equipment & manpower, but there were many volunteers from towns for miles around who assisted. Folks from Plymouth included: Kathy & Bob Lynds with his tractor, Steve Heilner with his tractor, Anne Brown, Lee Crawford, Dick & Clair Taylor, Mark Ballou, Kathy & John Donalds, Kermit Upton, Willard Hayes, & Betsy Tonkin. Forgive me if anyone was left out!

I was there to see the Jeep pulled out of the rubble, but I understand that the biggest cheer came when the tractor was extricated. Michelle had a huge amount of food to feed everyone & spirits were high as everyone gathered around. Justus, Michelle, Dorothy, Roger, Rodney, & Kathie Pingree extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone!

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We had our Annual Congregational meeting today at Tyson Church & most folks made it despite the snow! Being so small, just about everyone has a “job” & there will be a busy schedule between now & the New Year. We will be hosting Thanksgiving Day Dinner on 11/24 at 1:00 PM. We already have a commitment for one prepared turkey & are looking forward to others joining us & perhaps bringing their special holiday dish to share. Just let us know you are coming!

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