First Meeting of the Plymouth Historical Society in 2012

From Betsy Tonkin, Secretary, Plymouth Historical Society

It’s a new year!

Plymouth residents shared memories during the 250th anniversary celebration of Plymouth's founding.

2011 was a year that will be etched in the memories of us all. Plymouth celebrated its 250th anniversary, which two months later was followed by the ravages of Tropical Storm Irene. Fortunately, the Historical Society building and its contents escaped any damage, but road conditions and limited access prohibited fall programming and open hours. Given the historical events of 2011, it is hoped that in the coming year, the society can document both the birthday commemoration and the calamity that befell our town by compiling oral and written histories, photos and videos. It will be a huge project but one that history compels us to complete.

Please consider joining the Historical Society for 2012. Join as a single member ($5), family ($10), contributor ($25), sustainer ($50) or any other amount. Checks made out to the Plymouth Historical Society may be sent to:

Plymouth Vermont Historical Society
68 Town Office Road
Plymouth, VT 05056

Five Corners Cemetery Tour with the Plymouth Historical Society

Please inlcude your name, address, email address and phone number (optional). If desired, you can pick up a membership card at the post office or let us know (672-3179) if you want a card sent to your home. Memberships are tax deductible and run Jan. to Jan. Your participation will help maintain and preserve our valuable assets and create a perpetual living memory of Tropical Storm Irene and the 250th anniversary celebration. Programs of interest to Plymouth residents as well as visitors are also on the agenda for 2012.

Our first meeting of the year will be Sunday, Feb. 5th at 3:00. It will be held at Spike’s Snowmobile Center on Route 100A. At that time we will discuss the coming years’s activities and consider a new slate of officers. Much to everyone’s disappointment, Melissa Lynds has decided to step down as president but will stay involved in the Historical Society. She has done an amazing job in developing community outreach programming, upgrading the interior of the building and its display of artifacts and significantly increasing membership and income. THANK YOU , MELISSA!!! If anyone is interested in submitting his/her name to place on the ballot for president (or co-presidents??), please speak to Melissa before the meeting (672-3547 or email: Our members are a dedicated, hard working and responsive group.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the meeting Feb. 5th and hope all of you will support the Plymouth Historical Society with your membership.

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