S.O.S. Vermont, managing the emotional consequences of storms and flood

From Laurie Marechaux

Starting Over Strong (S.O.S.) Vermont provides free short-term support for individuals, groups, and communities impacted by flooding from Tropical Storm Irene.

Teams of crisis support workers are on the ground throughout the hardest hit communities in Vermont. S.O.S. Vermont Teams conduct community and home-based outreach, door-to-door counseling, and psycho-educational services at group meetings and programs, free of charge.

Starting Over Strong Vermont’s services are free of charge. Call our Toll Free Phone number: 1-855-767-8800
Website: http://www.startingoverstrongvermont.org

Many Vermont flood victims have received help and are moving on, but there are still individuals and families struggling, and in need of assistance. Whether it’s crisis counseling support, like that being provided by S.O.S. Vermont, the cleanup efforts of family and neighbors, or financial assistance from a disaster relief organization, the recovery process continues for many. While the strength of Vermonters who have been able to move on is worth recognizing, it is also important to acknowledge the needs and continuing struggle of those who have not yet recovered.

Laurie Marechaux
SOS Team 2
Ludlow, VT

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