Public Notice of Hearing before the Planning Commission, March 13

From the Town of Plymouth

A public hearing before the Planning Commission of the Town of Plymouth will be held

On the 13th day of March, 2012 at 7:30PM

at the Municipal Building, 68 Town Office Road, Plymouth, VT

to consider an:

Application for a conditional use permit (Appeal to the Planning Commission)

Applicant: Ralph and Judith Michael & Jeremy Michael

Proposed Use: Section 3.12 Extraction of Gravel, Sand, Soil & Minerals and Section 4.16 Conditional Use Approval. Operation will involve more than 60 cy of material in any given year.

Proposed Location: 3110 Route 100

Application #2012-0002 Date: 02/23/2012

Signer: Wendell Beckman, Chairman

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