Plymouth Farmer’s Market Getting Started

From Sue Poirier

A group of very enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers are in the process of establishing the start of a Plymouth Farmer’s Market.  Our first year will start out small but will offer the opportunity for the community to sell products from their gardens, baked goods from their kitchens and some crafts.

This could be a GREAT opportunity for young, old and in-between to come together as a community, socialize, pick up some home made/home grown ‘stuff’, for the the kids to grow a little garden and sell products to friends and neighbors to earn some spending money….oh, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re planning a garden, think about adding an extra row for OUR Market!  If you’d like to be involved in making this happen behind the scenes, let me know (Sue Poirier: 228-3308)!  We’d love to get more people involved in this COMMUNITY INITIATIVE!!!  Oh yes, we’re also pursuing finding a place to establish a community garden too!  More info to follow …

Our next meeting is May 8th, Tues. at 7 pm at the town hall.  We’d love to get you involved. In the meantime, plant those gardens!!
As an fyi, the Strawberry Festival is a go and will be held on Wed., June 20th at Plymouth State Park.  

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  1. Best Wishes from the Plymouth MASSACHUSETTS Farmers; Market!

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