Got Bats? VT Fish and Wildlife Department Seeks Info

From Alyssa Bennett, Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department

Got Bats? The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department (VFWD) is seeking information on summer bat colonies in your area. Vermont’s cave-bat species continue to struggle due to the deadly effects of White-Nose Syndrome. As a result, the little brown bat is now endangered in Vermont.

The VFWD is studying the survival of little brown bats that hibernate in Plymouth and is trying to locate nearby summer maternity colonies of bat. Little brown bats prefer to raise their young in warm attic and barn spaces over the summer. If you live in Plymouth or surrounding towns and have bats roosting at your residence, please contact Alyssa Bennett at the Rutland regional office at 802-786-0098, or This information will be very helpful to the Department as it studies ways to save the little brown bat.

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