Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


What glorious weather we have been having – I hope that folks have been able to get out & enjoy it! It would be nice if it continues for the holiday weekend, since the Historic Site will be opening on 5/26. Be sure to check out the new exhibit, Gone Fishin’ With the President, made possible with help from the Alma Gibbs Donchian Foundation & The Orvis Company. Calvin Coolidge was an avid angler! Be on the alert for cyclists this weekend, too, since the Killington Stage Race will be coming through town!

There was an interesting article in the Rutland Herald this past week quoting Mary Batesole of the Lake Rescue Assn. It seemed to be an attempt to reassure folks about the safety of our lakes. Certainly the floods from “Irene” have led to changes in our lakes & streams. She indicates that VT ANR Watershed Coordinator, Marie Levesque Caduto, said that the “sediment takes time to settle” & the “washed up clay & silt cause the lakes to look dark & murky”. She wrote further that “The Lake Rescue Association and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources sampled water from all of the lakes and found there were no dangerous levels of bacteria from waste“. This is a hopeful sign!

Nature does seem to rebound. The joyful sound of birds is welcome in the morning, something that was missing after the flood. Robins have made a nest in my clothes pin basket that hangs on the outside of our garage. I have taken a peek – first seeing the 4 turquoise eggs, then the strange little creatures that emerged, & now these recognizable little birds that seem to be mostly mouths! I have other cloths pins, but the parents are not too pleased when I hang clothes on my line.

Bantam and auracana chicks. Photo by Naomi Moyer

Bantam and auracana chicks. Photo by Naomi Moyer

Speaking of new little creatures, Naomi Moyer sent this picture of her new chicks at 1 week of age. The smaller ones are bantams & the larger ones auracanas.. It is a challenge in the wilds of Plymouth to keep pets & such safe. A marauding bear recently destroyed the bee hives at the Calkins/Bascom home. I know someone who was taking her birdfeeders in at night, but quickly learned that bears are on the prowl during the daytime, too!

Tom’s cousin, author Harrison Hunt (known to us as Terry!) spoke at the Reach Out Luncheon last Thursday. He told us about the meager rations that caused widespread malnutrition & scurvy to be prevalent among the troops, resulting in sickness & the death of many – perhaps even more than war injuries. Nice to have Chris & Dick Murphy back in town & joining us again. We sang Happy Birthday to Bettyann Hayward & Ruth Bostock!

Terry also played our waiter when we took Tom’s mom to Lui-Lui’s to celebrate her 90th birthday! The staff was wonderfully accommodating & the meal was delicious. It was difficult to determine who was the center of attraction – Marian or Owen, who was his usual cheerful & charming self. Great-grandma brought him a stuffed toy & she also shared some of her ice cream with him!

Thanks to Betsy Tonkin for presenting the mission field experience that she & Russ had when they volunteered in St Lucia at Tyson church this morning. She is organizing the collection of new or gently used board books, picture books & age appropriate developmental toys (not battery operated) to be sent to children ages 1-3. She left a box at the church to collect such items. If you want to donate cash to help with shipping cost, make checks out to Betsy, noting Global Missions in the memo section. Her address is 131 Windy Lane, Plymouth 05056

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