Plymouth Historical Society Now Open Saturdays

From Betsy Tonkin

The Plymouth Historical Society is now open on Saturdays from 12 TO 2 PM, except June 9th and 16th.

Save the dates and come see us here as well:
• June 9th Grand Opening permanent Coolidge Exhibit
Coolidge Historic Site- Old School House
• June 16th and 17th, Vt. History Expo Tunbridge
• June 20th Strawberry Festival
• July 4th Coolidge Historic Site – Old School House
• August 4th Plymouth Old Home Day
• September 22nd Cheese and Harvest Festival

Don’t forget:
• 2012 memberships still encouraged ($5 single, $10 family)
• stories and pictures of Tropical Storm Irene wanted

Next meeting is June 24th 4-6 pm at the Historical Society Building

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