Plymouth Report

Contributed by Margo Marrone


Isn’t the wildlife in VT incredible! Linda Seader called the other day about the horrible noise of the night before, when it sounded like one creature was killing another in the woods behind our houses. According to the game warden, the best guess seems to be 2 male raccoons fighting over a female! I haven’t personally seen any bears, but I understand they are in the neighborhood; causing problems wherever they can find food with their great sense of smell, even closed refrigerators are not safe!

I have had some birds pecking at my windows lately. They look something like juncos, but I am not really sure what they are. After perching on several window sills and knocking on the glass, they decided to make a nest in one of my hanging plants. The inconvenience and mess of that was annoying, but then they started flying into my sliding glass door – starting at 4:30 AM! I assume it was their own reflection that caused them to be aggressive, probably trying to protect the emerging nest. Perhaps I was not very kind, but I removed the nest and placed it in another location, then had to barricade that plant and another one to keep them away! We already have a nest in the peak above our back door and I was splattered one day when I went out….

Perhaps some of you saw the antique cars that were touring the area last week. I believe there was a rally in Rutland. I understand that they caused quite a stir at the Historic site. A number of them came down Dublin Rd on Friday. I wondered if they had traveled on Patch Brook Rd! Although it has been fixed nicely since “Irene”, it is still quite narrow. I want to thank the driver of the large truck that backed up a considerable distance the other day to a spot where I could get past it. Backing up is not my thing……

We had company from CA last week and we all took Owen to Camp Plymouth State Park. The water was refreshing and he couldn’t wait to get into it. I have had a number of folks ask if the beach is open – yes, it is! These same friends helped to move the BBQ grill from the Echo Lake Inn to the church for Thursday’s Reach Out Luncheon. We sang Happy Birthday to Barbara North, who is currently residing on the Kingdom Rd.

Also, I just received a request for Plymouth to be a part of a special publication that the VT Standard is putting together for the one-year anniversary of Irene, that will focus on good stories and outcomes.
There will be a special section about local heroes and charities, so if you’d like to nominate someone or some organization who stepped up during the flood or the recovery, now’s the time to do so. Please get back to me by 8/4.

This goes right along with our 8/26 celebration, which has been renamed Tender Hearts and Helping Hands. The focus will be a celebration of the wonderful care provided by community members for one another during the after-math of “Irene”, It will begin at the church at 10:30 AM, with a potluck luncheon in the tent at the Echo Lake Inn at noon. There will be a board set up in the back of the church where folks can write a brief thank-you note to those who helped them. If you have a funny story to tell or a special appreciation you would like to express, there will be time to do that at the church.

Deepest sympathy to the family, friends,and co-workers at Hawk of Mike Bivins on his sudden passing while working on Lake Amherst on Sunday. Maybe we can best remember him by emulating the warmth of his smile.

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