Plymouth Report

Contributed by Margo Marrone

I am writing this on Sunday evening, having just arrived back home to find that “someone” ate my one ripe big boy tomato that I had examined this morning and determined I would pick this evening! Well, actually it was not totally eaten – a bite was take out of opposite sides, leaving a juicy center of pulp. In addition, Sweetie, as I had affectionately named this deer, bit off all the heads of my day lilies that surround our deck. Anyone have a remedy for this mutilation?

Fortunately, someone sent me an email that helped to lighten my mood a tad. It said: “I believe dust is nature’s way of protecting furniture“. Not only did it make me chuckle, it reinforced my position that dusting is drudgery & a waste of time!

Just to let you know, the hydrant at the fire station is back in service & it is a brand new system that should serve the town better. A good way to support our Plymouth Emergency Services would be to come to the BBQ at the Notch for Old Home Day on Sat, 8/4! Besides enjoying lunch, there will be a bake sale & a number of other great activities.

At Tyson Church on Sunday morning we were treated to some delightful music by Bruce & Caleb Freeberg. They played a variety of instruments & helped to make the service a joyous occasion, including the singing of “happy birthday“ to Annie Clarke‘s mother! It is possible that they might also bring their instruments to the 8/26 celebration.

By the way, someone mentioned to me that another event is being planned for the Municipal Bldg for the same day – 8/26. I hope that folks know this event in Tyson encompasses the whole town. If in fact, another happening is being planned, I hope we can coordinate our efforts! Although we were segregated by ruined roads for a time, hopefully coming together as a town to share in a positive tribute to our resiliency will be a healthy & healing way to weather the storm! There will not be a regular church service that day, but a chance to express appreciation for each other.

We attended the service for Mike Bivins that took place in the Baker Hill Cemetery in Bridgewater Center on Sunday afternoon. A large crowd assembled to honor & remember him, including many members of his large family. A reception was held at Hawk Inn & Mtn Resort following the service & at one point a number of photos were displayed on the ceiling of the tent, with his wonderful smile beaming down on us. That affable smile will be a reminder of this kind-hearted & loving fellow – everyone‘s friend, Big Mike.

This should be a busy, but fun week for Bob & Kathy Lynds with the arrival of son, Joe, & grandsons – Jonathan, Jacob, & Joshua. Family time is so important & to be cherished!

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