Memorial for Elaine Gambone on 10/27 – Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


Things are winding down all over town. Still some tourists out & about, but the roadways are less busy these days. Just to let you know that Nancy said that the Wilder House will officially be open until 10/27 for the regular hours. From that point it will be open from 9:00 – 1:00 only until the end of the month.

I attended the Selectmen’s hearing on 10/15 regarding reclassifying Library Road. It is a bit more complicated than it initially appeared! Going from a Class 3 road to a trail left some question about plowing & road maintenance, which could impact the Tyson Library & church parking along that side. Roger Carlsten & Clare King (Frank Jewell’s former property) wanted consideration of “throwing up” (the town relinquishing it) their half of Library Road, so they could reconnect the two sections of their property, which now includes both sides of the road. Most folks seemed to favor a foot bridge as opposed to a vehicle bridge. Unless there is a petition to send it to a town vote, the Selectmen get to decide, but there was no indication that they had reached a consensus.

Lucy MacKenzie-Animal Blessings. Photo by Mark Stanley

Lucy MacKenzie Animal Blessings. Photo by Mark Stanley

I was pleased to be invited to participate in the Blessing of the Animals at Lucy MacKenzie Humane Society this past Saturday. The weather cooperated nicely, allowing the 6 congregations that were represented under the leadership of Rev. Cheryl Heater, to hold a short service, then individually bless the animals that were brought by their owners. We remembered loved pets that have passed on & also received donations for LMHS, then went inside to bless those animals as well. In the tradition of St Francis, October is the month to celebrate animals.

Please know that Tyson Church is planning to have its traditional potluck Thanksgiving Diner on Thanksgiving, 11/22 at 1:00 PM. As the plans unfold, there will be more news, but the contact person will be Denise Dean (245-4686) or email deand. Please let her know if you plan to attend, leave your contact information & what you would like to contribute to the meal! All are welcome.

Heartfelt sympathy goes out to Eric Johnsen on the passing of Elaine Gambone, who left us on Saturday, 10/20 after a courageous battle with cancer. There will be a memorial service on Saturday, 10/27, at 11:00 AM at Bethany Mennonite Church, followed by a lunch. Those who would like to come to the house afterward, are welcome to do so for the spreading of her ashes in her beloved perennial garden. Also, Eric is asking that donations in her memory be made to the Plymouth Memory Tree.

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