Storm Update 10/30 – Plymouth Emergency Services

From Al Poirier, Plymouth Emergency Services

From the big picture we survived the Frankenstorm with apparently little damage. However the few individuals that sustained damage would disagree. We can still expect wind gusts through the afternoon and ending early evening.

We have closed our Emergency Operations Center but as always Plymouth Emergency Services is ready to respond to any event.

This has been a tough week having to worry about this storm called “Sandy”. The town was well prepared and from what I have heard many individuals were well prepared. The storm took it easy on us but we were ready for the worst.

Thank you all for being ready for this storm. I know it takes time to do all that is needed to be prepared but in the long run it is worth it.

Stay safe.

Al Poirier

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1 Response to Storm Update 10/30 – Plymouth Emergency Services

  1. jean chick says:

    Thank you for preparing to keep Plymouth safe.

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