Two Rivers Supervisory Union Transition Board planning Is Underway

From Liz Crowley

The Two Rivers Supervisory Union (TRSU) PR Committee is pleased to announce that tremendous progress has already been achieved and planning is well under way for the launch of the Official Two Rivers Supervisory Union on July 1, 2013!

The TRSU Board Principles have been adopted and are as follows:

a)            The new SU organization will be sized to allow efficient, individual operation of the schools and allow increased potential for improved student opportunities.

b)            The new SU will promote efficient fiscal operation.

c)            The new SU will provide opportunities for closing achievement gaps – socioeconomic, gender, etc.

d)            The new SU will provide greater equity of opportunity for students across the communities.

e)            The new SU will have the potential to provide increased learning opportunities for all members of the student population.

f)            The new SU will have the ability to share across schools best practices, professional development, etc.

The TRSU plans for executive leadership through June 2014 have been established.  Bruce Williams has accepted the offer to be the new TRSU Superintendant and Linda Waite has accepted the appointment of Associate Superintendant.  Bruce and Linda will continue to work in the current year in their present capacities toward the goal of a fully operational new SU by July 1, 2013.  “To help ensure successful implementation and the greatest stability for our educational institutions, during the 2013-14 school year they will work as a team sharing duties of the central office based on their strengths and interest”, explained Bob Herbst and Allison DesLauriers, Transition Board Co-Chairs.

Additionally, the following positions have been offered:  Director of Special Education to Mary Barton, Director of Information Technology & Instructional Integration to Lauren Baker and Director of Finance to Christopher Adams.  The appointments will become effective July 1, 2013.

The TRSU Transitional Board consist of board members from all six schools as follows: Wendy Baker (CAES), Susan Barton (LES), Gertrude Bennett (Chester Town), Angela Benson-Ciufo (U#39/Black River and Co Treasurer), Dr. Gene Bont (CTES), Amanda Brown (LES), Tina Cohen (MHES), Liz Crowley (U#39/Black River), Alison DesLauriers (GMUHS and Co Chair), Geralyn Donohue (GMUHS), Julie Dupont (Plymouth Town and Policy Committee Chair), Joseph Fromberger (Andover Town and Co Treasurer, Jessica Goodman (CTES), Linda Guerrera (U#39/Black River), Jeff Hance (CAES), Bob Herbst (MHES and Co Chair), Phillisa Jones-Prescott (CAES), Rich Le Tourneau (LES), Stuart Lindberg (CTES), Donna Parker (LES), Ginger Roper (GMUHS), David Venter (MHES), Wayne Wheelock (Baltimore Town).

Currently, the TWSU Transition Board is working on budget preparation and staff structure.

Mr. Stephen Dale, Executive Director, Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA), stated at the November 15th TRSU Transitional Board Meeting “that it is impressive what the board has accomplished so far: name, leadership, staffing, budget, policies, etc.”  He also noted “that it feels that the board is becoming one even though they are still in transition; and they are staying with the notion that this entire process is to be able to give the students the best education possible.”

To date, the Facilities Committee met on December 7th and the Policies Committee and the Finance Committee have already met three times.


Liz Crowley, TRSU PR Committee Chair

Linda Waite, WSWSU Superintendant

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