Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


Here’s hoping that the rain doesn’t wash all the snow away – we need to make sure that folks down-country still come up for the Holidays & fill our Inns & restaurants!

I wanted to share some personal news with you, since I will need to take a break for a time from writing the column. I will be having surgery at DHMC for ovarian cancer on 12/31 & am not sure what the recovery & follow-up chemo will entail. It seems like a strange day for my operation, although it will mean starting the New Year with less cancer in my body – which is definitely a good thing!

I also wanted folks to know that services will continue at Tyson Church with various people filling in & sometimes bringing new & exciting ideas for Sunday morning Worship. I am very grateful for the way folks are pulling together to make sure that God’s love continues to filter out in the community.

So, my prayer is that all of you will have many blessings in the New Year, that folks will be kinder to one another, & that at least some measure of peace can be achieved!

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3 Responses to Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

  1. Joann Milza says:

    Our prayers are with you for successful surgery and treatment.
    JoAnn and Paul Milza

  2. Margo,
    I know that God will be with you and I will certainly pray for you and have you in my thoughts.
    If you every need a ride to DHC let me know. I travel there frequently.
    Tiki Pauley Mc Mahan

  3. Doris Rebideaux says:

    wishing you the best and a quick recovery.

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