Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


I marvel at the length of the weekly reports from some of the correspondents because there are weeks, like this one, when I can find very little to say! Looking out my window at the sparkling white snow & clear azure sky, it seems inviting, but a quick glance at the thermometer reminds me that is it one of those beautiful yet frigid winter days.

There were so many people around this weekend – filling our restaurants & enjoying our many recreational opportunities. For those who are still here, I can envision them lingering over breakfast this morning! How nice for our local businesses to be so busy. The parking lot at the Echo Lake Inn was so full, cars overflowed all around the church!

Speaking of church, we had a special musical treat with Kathy Lynds’ grandchildren & Theresa Steward performing on the organ & flute for our service on Sunday. Always fun to have youngsters will us!

The monthly Reach Out Luncheon will be held in the Community Room downstairs at the church on Thurs, 2/21 starting at 11:00 AM. Meatballs & noodles are on the menu & I understand that Liza Ward may be making some of her yummy rolls! All are welcome, so consider joining this friendly group…..

Don’t forget the upcoming Lynx snow camp – Mar 1-3 (Grades 5-7) at Bethany Birches Camp. Call (802) 672-5220 for more information.

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