State Grant to Study Sediment Loading in the Upper Black River

Focus is on Patch, Buffalo and Money Brooks in Plymouth, VT

The Lake Rescue Association is very pleased to announce a grant from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation to study causes for the large amounts of sediment deposited in four lakes on the upper Black River. While Tropical Storm Irene is the most recent example, many earlier storms resulted in similar damage. The $41,510 grant will be used to extend previous studies of Buffalo and Patch Brooks. Money Brook will be studied for the first time. The combined amounts of sediment from these sources cause extensive damage and expense to both private and public property. They also negatively impact water quality and fish habitat.

Kristen Underwood of South Mountain Research conducted the earlier geomorphic studies of Buffalo and Patch brooks. She and George Springston of the Norwich University Geology Department have been retained for the current study. A steering committee of town officials and citizens will be formed to monitor and assist in the project. Marie Levesque Caduto, Watershed Coordinator for the Department of Environmental Conservation will also serve on the steering committee. Completion will be in mid-2014.

The Lake Rescue Association (LRA) is a not for profit foundation of property owners on Lake Rescue and Lake Pauline. LRA president Marty Fino said: “We are very interested in addressing the upstream causes of sediment. We are delighted to be working with officials and property owners from both Ludlow and Plymouth where damage is equal to or greater than ours.” Fino noted that this grant builds on earlier work also funded through LRA.

Contact Information: Charlie Robinson, 802 989 7079

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