St. Patrick’s Day Feast Tonight! – Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


By the way, not sure that I noted the date of the effective change of the Town Clerk hours. It will not be happening until 4/1. Also, there seems to be some confusion about the recent Town Meeting vote regarding the elimination of the funding for the Sheriff to continue to serve our town. The new budget would go into effect in July, so it appears we will be covered until that time. Many people seem incredulous about the situation, since the fines more than met the cost! Stay tuned……

I know that Kathy Lynds grandson, Joshua, just had a birthday & our grandson, Owen, will turn 2 on the 13th. A bit older, but no less in need of a belated birthday greeting is Bill Jenney, whose birthday was 3/8! Coming up on 3/21 is Bob Lynds birthday.

The sweet smell of sap being boiled is in the air! Friends & neighbors seemed to be pouring into our sugar house today (Sunday) to see how we are doing. The weather has been cooperating & hopefully it will continue!

For those who enjoy a St Patrick’s Day feast, the Catholic Church in Ludlow always does a superb job with their corned beef & cabbage. The cost is $10 for this feast & it will be served from 5:00 – 7:00 PM on Sat, 3/16. A number of our Plymouth residents are usually on hand to help with serving.

The menu for the Reach Out Luncheon on 3/21 is ham, scalloped potato, Rosa Marina salad, broccoli, & dessert. Al Poirier will speak about Emergency Services.

Don’t forget there will be Children’s Activities on 3/23 at the Calvin Coolidge Education Center. Also, Cyndy Bittinger is going to speak on Grace Coolidge & Dorothy Thompson. Call the Coolidge Foundation at 672-3389 for more information.

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