Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


Nolan's 2nd Birthday March 2013I neglected to include this picture of 2 young boys who recently turned 2 & shared a ride at Nolan Alberti’s party. I would imagine that some of you recognize our Owen(L), less than a week younger the Nolan. So glad that Nolan has done so well with his treatments & can again enjoy playing with friends!

I understand that the Notch was a quite the hub of activity this weekend with many young people availing themselves of the programs. Also I heard that Cyndy Bittinger did a wonderful job with her presentation. Kudos to one & all!

Please mark your calendar for the Plymouth Historical Society program, the History of Plymouth and Bridgewater’s Gold Industry 1850 – 1905 by “Bill” Hoyt that will be taking place at the Plymouth Town Building on Sunday, 4/7 at 2 PM. Free admission & light refreshments following the lecture and slide show.

Congratulations to the Black River High School Rock Climbing Team, who took 3rd in the State final competition on Saturday 3/16. The team rose to the occasion & climbed their best scores for the entire season! According to Bonnie Allen, they have been training since October & have improved steadily throughout the season. Also, they have consistently showed great sportsman as well, making their community very proud. Black River’s Cedar Allen took the top male climber for the state, climbing better than any climber all season at the state competition. The high school team consists of Cedar Allen, Katie Cloutier, Eli Tucker, Hannah Farrow, Sullivan Miele, Rye Greineder, Jonah Farrow, Gabrielle Miele. The middle school team did not have enough to actively compete but Sage Allen took top female climber all season. Sage climbed with Sam Farrow and Jae Greineder. The team was coached by our own Bonnie & Jim Allen. Good work!

Emptiness & Fullness
Darkness & Light – opposites?
No, the absence of one from the other
Death & Life – is the same true?
Ah, but for me – Christ covers both…
Easter Blessings!

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