Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


That was some rain we had the other night! It sounded so loud that I got up & switched on the outside light. I don’t believe I have ever seen the rain reversing directions so many times & so quickly. Yet some warm temps & nice sunshine are encouraging signs that spring is trying to get here! We still have snow on the ground is some places, but the daffodils are at least pushing through. Considering the weather events in other parts of the country, I guess we can’t complain.

Little critters have been a a bit of problem around the Tyson area. In a large plastic container where we store cat food, the lid was left ajar & Tom found 2 mice in there having a feast! I noticed a bird dead in our feeder the other day. Not sure if he had eaten himself to death or he had flown into the house & knocked himself out. I had a heck of time getting him out through the squirrel fence around the feeder – which incidentally doesn’t seem to keep the squirrels from eating there! Joan Day said she had half a dozen deer in her yard, who were likely disappointed that nothing is coming up in her garden yet.

Liza turned 90 and The United Church Ludlow celebrated with a cake on April 14. Photo by Lee Kafer.

Liza turned 90 and The United Church Ludlow celebrated with a cake on April 14. Photo by Lee Kafer.

April seems to be a big birthday month. Liza Ward had a landmark one on 4/12 with a celebration at the United Church, then a special cake made by Ruth Bostock was shared at the Reach Out Luncheon on 4/18. Cheryl Bishop’s was 4/13 & Kathy Lynd’s is coming up on 4/29. Also at the end of the month, congratulations are in order for Andrew & Austin Crossman.

Dates to remember: Sat, 5/4 for Green Up Day; 5/6 for the Selectmen’s Meeting at 6:00 PM to discuss the proposed Zoning Ordinance; Mon, 5/13 for the meeting re: Sheriff coverage for Plymouth, with voting on 5/14.

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1 Response to Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

  1. Margaret Brown Fletcher (Peggy) says:

    Please pass along a “Happy belated Birthday to Liza Ward”. I grew up in Plymouth Union and knew her well.

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