Act 250 Decision Denies Gravel Pit Permit

On April 30, 2013, the Act 250 Commission, Springfield Division, found in favor of Hawk Inn & Mt. Resort and the Salt Ash Owners Association (SAOA) over the permitting of a gravel pit operation adjacent to the resort along Route 100 and Frog City Rd.
For over a year this was a contentious issue in the community and after three months of deliberations the commission denied the permit to the applicant for not having met ACT 250 standards based on the following criteria:
1) traffic safety
2) aesthetics
3) earth extraction
4) roads and highways
5) non-compliance with the town plan

We at Hawk are pleased with this announcement as it preserves the integrity and mission of the 1200 acre compound and the services and amenities it provides to the community at large. We congratulate the commission on a comprehensive and thorough decision in its conclusions.

Bill Cherico
Hawk Resident

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  1. joann milza says:

    Congratulations!! Great news. Thanks for sending the information. JoAnn

    Date: Tue, 7 May 2013 16:33:24 +0000 To:

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