TOWN OF PLYMOUTH – August 9, 2013

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2013, AT 9:00 AM –
Inspection of Premises
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2013, AT 6:00 PM – Public Hearing

The Plymouth Selectboard will hold a Public Hearing for the purpose of laying out, altering, reclassification, or discontinuting the public road as described herein. The Selectboard will meet at the Town office on Saturday, September 21, 2013, at 9:00 am to inspect the premises. The Public Hearing will be held on Monday, September 23, 2013, at the Plymouth Town Hall. The public road to be inspected and discussed at the Public Hearing is as follows:

A petition by at least five (5) percent of the voters or landowners of Plymouth has been presented in writing to the Selectboard to throw up the following public road:

• To throw up TH 23/Frog City Road where the class 3 road ends to the Farm and Wildnerness Pin. This is a class 4 Road.

This Notice of a Public Hearing and Inspection of road is posted in the office of the Town Clerk and will be published in the Vermont Journal not less than ten days before the inspection and hearing dates. This Notice is being given by certified mail sent to the official residence address of the person(s) and businesses required to be notified in accordance with 19 V.S.A., paragraph 709.


Ralph Michael
Andy Crossman
Russ Tonkin

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