• Flood mitigation buyouts—Bids are being requested for demolition of the three properties purchased by the town through FEMA. Demolition should start in October.

• A safety monitoring system has been installed in the Town Hall.

• Several town roads have changed status in response to resident petitions and a public hearing in May. See a SB member or the Town Clerk for details.

• The Town will be receiving money from FEMA for an alternate project to redo a bridge on Hale Hollow. Hopefully there will be money left over to construct the foot bridge on the Library Trail.

• The town has hired a community activities coordinator, Terry Bascom, who has set up a community activities calendar, and is scheduling events at the school building. Please visit the site online!!

• The town is purchasing a new truck which should be available this winter.

• The town has received reimbursement for all but one “Irene” project and that should be completed this fall.

• We are hoping the CCC road to Shrewsbury will be open before winter!

• The Selectboard meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6:00 PM, unless a special meeting is called.

• Please contact Ralph, Russ, Andy or Sandie with any SB questions.

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