Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report – 11/3 & 11/10

Editor’s Note: My apologies to Margo and all her readers for posting these so late! If there is anyone here in Plymouth interested in helping out with the Plymouth Press, let me know –

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


Saturday was a busy day in Tyson. Some of you may remember Sis Hanlon,
formerly of Dublin Rd. Her daughter Pam Tempe-VanHennik was married at
the church on Saturday to Tom Gaffey in their wonderfully
family-oriented wedding ceremony.

The picture, taken by Sue Poirier is Donald & Phyllis Martin & Betty  Anne & Jack Sailer

The picture, taken by Sue Poirier is Donald & Phyllis Martin & Betty
Anne & Jack Sailer

On Saturday evening, there was a delicious Emergency Services dinner at
the town hall. Members of both the Fire Dept & First Response were hand.
One of the reasons for the celebration was to honor “retired” members
Donald Martin & Jack Sailer, as noted by Chief, Kirk Turner. It would
have been nice to recognize longtime member John Wheeler, as well, but
he & Bea Wheeler were unable to attend. The feast was prepared by Jim
Allen, with lots of help from wife, Bonnie, son Cedar & daughter, Sage;
as well as Steve & Christine Metcalf. Everyone pitched in for the clean-up!

I just learned that Wilmer & Jean Schmell’s grandson Michael & his wife
Amy of Jamaica VT had their 3rd child, Ella, born on 11/2. Their
daughter, Mary Jane Crockett & her husband, Rich still own land in
Plymouth & they are thrilled with their latest grandchild who joins
siblings, Amelia & Seamus.

I believe there may be other scholars to be recognized & hope to receive
confirmation so they can be noted next week. In the meantime,
congratulations to 7th graders Anna Hepler who made the Principal’s List
& Julia Kolwalski who made high honors. In the 8th grade, Emily Dupont
made the honor roll.

I understand that Sage Allen was on the varsity soccer team at Black
River. They had an undefeated season, which is an amazing
accomplishment, despite their defeat in a hard fought final that went to
double overtime & finally ended with a winning penalty kick by Proctor.

Tyson Church is not going to be able to sponsor the annual Thanksgiving
Day Dinner as we have for several years. In conjunction with Tyson
Ladies Aid, however, a turkey dinner is being planned for the monthly
Reach Out Luncheon that will be held on Thursday, 11/21. All those who
usually attend are most welcome & for others who would like to come,
please make a reservation by reaching either Kathy Lynds
( or Betty Aubin (484-9130) so we know how much to



Ted & Lisa Sobieski at Red Rock Canyon, with Tom

Ted & Lisa Sobieski at Red Rock Canyon, with Tom

Well, sorry to have missed reporting last week, but we were away on vacation.  Our first stop was Las Vegas where we visited with Ted & Lisa Sobieski, who relocated out there from Plymouth about 13 years ago.  We spent a day with them at their lovely home outside the glitter of the “strip” & they took us to the Red Rock Canyon area, which was beautiful.

This was a prelude to our helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon, complete with a champagne lunch when we landed there.  We took advantage of the nightlife by seeing Human Nature, an Aussie Motown group!  From there we flew to Sacramento to visit friends, saw a play, visited the zoo, & toured the campus at Berkley.  It sounds rather hectic, but there was time for naps, a swim, plus simply sitting & chatting, too!

Thanks to Julie & Emily Dupont for assisting June Capron & Jane Wallace with the assembling of the 15 School Kits & 10 Baby Kits that were sent to Church World Service by Tyson Church.  Theresa Steward, Kathy Lynds, Carolyn Scott & Sandie Small made bags & assisted in a number of other ways.  Folks from the surrounding community also participated to help make the “We Can Make A Difference” Project a success – good work!

Condolences to the Kolwalski family on the passing of Elizabeth’s mom, Jean Eigenbrod.  Also, please note that Carroll Earle is now settled in Cedar Hill nursing facility in Windsor.

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