March 2 Family Day at Coolidge Site

The President Calvin Coolidge Museum and Education Center will be open on Sunday March 2 from noon to 4:00 p.m. Enjoy the museum exhibit,“More Than Two Words”: The Life and Legacy of Calvin Coolidge, old-time movies in front of the fireplace, and hands-on exhibits and activities for all ages in the classroom (from noon to 2:00). Browse photographs, newspapers, books, letters, and items from Coolidge’s era. Make a diary in the style of young Calvin and his sister Abbie, try out writing with ink pens, and more.

Bundle up and explore historic Plymouth Notch with the Coolidge Quest.

Join us at 2:00 for the program, How the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site Came to Be  Introduction is by Amity Shlaes with Mimi Baird, John Dumville, Jenny Harville, and William Jenney. Have you ever wondered how these buildings, artifacts, and over 500 acres came to be “the best preserved Presidential Birthplace”? Hear the stories of this unique partnership that created both the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation and created this Historic Site. See some early models and photographs. Refreshments follow.

Events are sponsored by the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, in collaboration with the VT Division for Historic Preservation. Snow date is March 9. Admission is free but donations are appreciated. Information:, 802-672-3389,  Location – 3780 route 100A, Plymouth, VT 05056


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