Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


photoWhile we were away for a month, a flock of turkeys (is that the correct designation?) took up residence in our yard. A neighbor counted 40 one day when she came to fill our bird feeder! I don’t mind them visiting, but I will admit that they tend to dirty up the snow. Now that we are back, they seem less inclined to frequent our lawn. There is one exception, though – this lone turkey refuses to vacate our property. I am sure there is a way to tell the gender, but I have not pursued that so far. When I open the window, this turkey just ambles a few feet away, instead of scattering like the others have done in the past. At least the recent snow flurries have covered up some of the mess! I wonder if it is good fertilizer…..

So, I really don’t have much news this week. Perhaps that will change after the Town Meeting! Sorry to say I did not attend the events in the Notch. Between church in the morning & baby-sitting in the afternoon, that left no time for other endeavors. Amazing how little ones shift your priorities! Anyway, send me your news, please.

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