Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


Some dining considerations to report. We had a lovely dinner at the Echo Lake Inn on Friday night as part of the celebration of Chef Kevin’s 24 years there. The choices for this three course special made it difficult to decide what to order – all of it looked & then tasted great. I mention this because there is only one more week to take advantage of this promotion before the dining room closes for a short break.

I understand that the Thursday night special at the Inn at Waters Edge may have only two more weeks before Tina & Bruce take a break. We have enjoyed Italian night there a couple of times & found the food to be wonderful. The River Tavern has already closed for the season, so in order to avail yourself of local dining in Plymouth, you need to do so quickly!

Virginia Dean reported the happenings at the Plymouth Town meeting, so I will not repeat them. I will say that the concern about the potential increase in the school budget was palatable. I am not sure that voting the budget down will really accomplish much because it seems that the expenses are basically out of our control in light of the fact that we must tuition our students. I was glad to see Allison Clarkson there & hope that she does follow through on the state level. As Tom mentioned that evening, he appreciated her response to his email prior to the meeting & he will be pursuing various other avenues as well.

On a lighter note, I have determined that our lone turkey is a female & when our grandson, Owen & I were watching her on Saturday, we noticed that she is limping. Perhaps that is why she is remaining with us, while the others have relocated. In any case, Owen named her Poohkin – taken from Winnie the Pooh & pumpkin, I assume!

Heads up for LPCTV’s third “Kentucky Derby Gala – A Night at the Races” fundraising event on May 3 at the Pot Belly Pub in Ludlow from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. There will be great food & live entertainment which will all be included in the per person ticket price of $25. Entertainment will include several locally sponsored “horse races”, culminating in a viewing of the Kentucky Derby live on television, followed by live music. There will be a prize for each race, donated by local merchants. So, mark your calendar & perhaps you will win one of the other special prizes, if not a race prize. Local merchants interested in sponsoring races or making prize donations should contact Michelle Stinson at LPCTV at 802-228-8808.

In case you are not familiar with LPCTV – it is a community television station & media education center serving the Black River Valley & Okemo. They operate out of new facilities in the Ludlow Community Center complex, with the goal of keeping people informed, preserving local heritage, & building community with 24×7 community television programming both on TV & online. It is a wonderful way to keep up with community events, including board meetings & such. For more information go to

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