Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


Hope folks will consider joining the reading group that will be meeting this Thursday, 3/27 at 6:30 at the Community Building (the former Plymouth Elementary School). Feel free to bring a book you have enjoyed to this initial meeting & for next month, the group will decide upon a book to read together!

I should point out that the Reach Out Luncheon is a collaborative effort of Tyson Church & Tyson Ladies Aid. Although many of us belong to both, they are two separate & distinct organizations. Ladies Aid does meet in the Community Room at the church, which leads to some of the confusion. Due to conflicting schedules, the April Reach Out luncheon will take place on the 4th Thursday, which is 4/24.

Thanks to Terry Bascom for including the VT Standard article in the Plymouth Press about the proposed School budget changes. Since it was turned down at Town Meeting, a number of things have changed, helping to lower the amount by nearly 4%. The re-vote will take place on Mon 4/28.

Mark your calendar for the special program “Hats” at the Coolidge Museum & Education Center at the Notch. It will be held at 2:00 PM on Saturday, 4/12 & will detail some the famous hats of history, such as Abe Lincoln’s stovepipe hat. Coolidge rarely went hatless & also liked to buy fashionable hats for his wife. The Center will actually be opening at noon for Family Day, so you can visit the interactive exhibit “More Than Two Words, The Life and Legacy of Calvin Coolidge“ & participate in some hands-on activities as well..

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