Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report


I understand that the staff will be gathered at Bethany Birches Camp for orientation this week, although camp actually begins on 6/22 & continues through 8/3. There are openings during all of the sessions, so go to for more info or call Amber in the camp office: 672-5220. It is such a lovely location & many fun & inspiring activities take place there! The groups participating in the Strawberry Festival – Emergency Services, Tyson Ladies Aid, & Tyson Church are providing scholarship funds for the camp this year.

Tyson Ladies Aid is happy to announce that scholarships have been awarded to Black River High School senior Tyler Pollender-Savery & Woodstock Union High School senior Oliver Kaija. Congratulations! Also, don’t forget that passes are available at Tyson Library for free admission to VT State Parks & Historic Sites.

The Book Nook (228-3238) will be hosting its 3rd annual summer reading BOOK fair from 6/13 through 6/22 at its store on Main Street in Ludlow. As part of its program last year, this local independent bookstore provided nearly $1000 in support to the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library, Ludlow’s Fletcher Memorial Library & the Mount Holly Town Library. Scott Stearns wants to help support our area libraries, so during this special time period, he will donate 20% of the purchase price of books bought at his store to one of these 3 libraries – your choice! Scott also encourages folks to purchase a book on each library’s “Wish List”, that will also qualify for the donation as well. “Wish List” books for each library are available at the store, which will be open Mon – Sat from 10:00 – 6:00 & Sun 10:00 – 3:00 or at

Recently I received a call from Jill Lord, Director of Patient Care Services at Mt. Ascutney Hospital & Health Center, seeking a volunteer for their Community Care Coordinator Advisory Board. This would entail attendance at a once per month meeting to help identify community & individual needs, plus to advise the Coordinator about local resources. It sounds like a great opportunity for someone interested in making good health care available to our town. I am noting the specs for the Community Care Coordinator as well, so that you will understand the program.

The Coordinator’s job is to “help community members with chronic or acute disabilities to reach optimal wellness, overcome barriers to health care maintenance, & promote safety in their home environment.” They will also encourage the “use of health care resources, self management tools, & prevention education for the communities served.” This will be accomplished by “making home visits to assess the holistic needs on a proactive & preventive basis & advocating for the needs of individuals & families based on assessments.”

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