Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report


The beautiful weather of Saturday & Sunday was in stark contrast to the horrific wind & rain of Thursday evening. The damage in Plymouth did not seem as severe as some of the surrounding towns. Lying in bed that night I heard a tree coming down in seemingly slow motion up near our sugar house, but fortunately it fell without hitting anything.

When we first arrived at the Notch on Friday, we noted that there were relatively few folks on hand to march to the cemetery, but right at noon throngs of people emerged & joined the procession. This year’s program was particularly poignant, with a second wreath being placed on the grave of Calvin Jr. who died 90 years ago on 7/7/1924.

The Fire Dept was called out the other morning for a burning tree along Rte 100. Apparently fire had previously gutted some of the trunk. It was smoldering & smoke was actually billowing out woodpecker holes further up the tree!

There seem to be fewer dinner options in town these days. I mentioned the Inn at Water’s Edge last week. The Echo Lake Inn is now serving dinner Tues through Thursday & on the weekends when they aren’t hosting a wedding. Best to call ahead at 228-8602!

Many of us have beloved pets, so Tyson Church will be having a Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, 7/27 after our Morning Worship Service. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the unique place our pets occupy in our hearts & to honor these special creations of God who help to fulfill our lives. We will ask for blessings for each pet individually & for their owners as we gather on the church lawn at noon. Pets should be leashed or in carriers to avoid mishaps. Pictures can be brought if it is not feasible to bring your pet.

Those of us at Tyson Church fondly remember Nina Goodridge, whose obituary was noted in last week’s Standard. Her husband, Carroll preached here several Sundays each summer for a number of years. Kathy Lynds reminded me about the time Carroll ended up in the hospital on his scheduled Sunday & Nina bravely presented his sermon that day & she did a wonderful job! She & Carroll always enjoyed telling folks that they lived in Bridgewater VA for most of the year, but visited Bridgewater VT during the summer.

Just a note to remind folks to keep an eye out for wildlife darting across the roadways, especially at night. In recent days I have encountered a number of deer, a few cats & last night a rather large porcupine was lumbering up our driveway!

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