Please Practice Snowy Weather Safety! Margo’s Plymouth Report


I am watching the freezing rain as I write the column on Sunday.  Several of us were meeting after church to discuss the book, Sensible Shoes, when Tom came in to inform us of the rapidly deteriorating road conditions.  By the time we packed up, just navigating the walk from the church to our cars was precarious.

After being home only a short time, we heard the chatter about an accident on Rte 100 just north of the Town Building, requiring a flatbed to remove a vehicle.  Shortly thereafter another report of an accident on Rte 100, near the Bridgewater/Plymouth line.  Airbags had been deployed, although it didn’t appear that there were serious injuries.

I am not sure why that particular section of Rte 100 is so dangerous, but it does seem that accidents occur there frequently during inclement weather, so please keep that in mind.  It sounded like 2 members of the Sheriff’s Dept were assisting at the scenes & at least one member of our First Response Team responded to both accidents.

I believe that our First Response Team is down in numbers, so thanks to those who are willing to serve, even though they are stretched so thin.  There was another medical call in the evening on Sunday & all three of these calls were answered by the same responder.  It is such an important service, perhaps there are others in town who might want to obtain the needed training & lend a hand.

On another safety note, I was pleased to see that helmet safety was brought to the fore at Okemo this weekend by their celebration of PHAT Day — Protect your Head at All Times — It was a collaboration with National Safety Month on the slopes. PHAT is a nonprofit organization that encourages & promotes the use of a helmet for all sports that come with the risk of a serious head injury.  Something to keep in mind for young & not-so-young alike.

We are looking forward to having Laurence Jeffery as our 11:00 AM speaker at the Reach Out Luncheon on Thurs, 1/22.  He will bring some pictures of the Echo Lake Inn in earlier days.  The menu is hot dogs, mac & cheese, & coleslaw, plus some yummy dessert.

By the way, if you have something to be included in the Town Report, please get it to Town Clerk, Sandie Small, ASAP because the material needs to go to the printer next week!

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