Spring Ahead This Week! –Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Printed with permission of The Vermont Standard.


It was wonderful to have so much sunshine this past week. I have actually been following it around myt house as it filtered through the windows, doing my exercises and journal-writing in its glow!

More snowshoeing on Sunday with Karen Evans and June Capron, although it was not the same kind of day as the previous Sunday. As long as we have all of this snow, it seems we should take advantage of it and find a way to enjoy this relentless winter!

In case folks have not heard, there will be a gathering on Sunday, 3/15 at the Echo Lake Inn to wish Laurence Jeffery well.  It will take place at 2:00 PM and everyone who wants to visit with Laurence is welcome to attend.  He has hosted countless special events for many of us, so this will be a time to let him know how much he is appreciated!

Sorry this is short and sweet this week – send me some news.  Don’t forget to set your clock ahead this coming Saturday!

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