Laurence Jeffery Honored, Tom Gianola Introduced — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard



Current and former Echo Lake Inn employees pose for a team photo3/15/15

It seems like we are flirting with spring lately.  It has been nice to have slightly warmer temps and that ferocious wind does seem to be drying things out a bit while eating away at the snow banks.  I can actually pull out of Dublin Rd onto Rte 100 and see if cars are coming!  Of course that rain made for slick conditions on Sunday morning and snow flurries greeted us as we left church.

There are signs of spring, though.  I have been told by two different people about robin sightings.  Joan Day said there was a bear roaming around and “singing” outside her place, so her bird feeder is no longer safe.  A dead skunk on the road the other day is a sure sign!

This Sunday’s gathering at the Echo Lake Inn in honor of Laurence Jeffery was very nice.  Many former staff were on hand, as well as friends and neighbors.  Laurence has been a generous and integral part of the community and everyone agreed he will be missed.  The get-together also provided an opportunity for more folks to meet Tom Gianola, the new owner of the Inn.  Don’t forget that Tom will be speaking at 11:00 AM on Thursday at the Reach Out Luncheon in the downstairs Community Room at the church.

Bea Wheeler, still at the Gill Home recuperating from a severely broken leg, seems to be improving.  If you want to see John these days, you will find him there visiting most of the time!

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