Summer in Plymouth: Fun Family Things To Do! –Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Tyson Library Facade5/18/15

The Memorial weekend is upon us and is bringing more exciting activities and opportunities to our area.  The Antiques and Treasure Sale at the Schoolhouse Community Center on Rte 100 will take place on all three days.  We brought our items, which include a number of kid-related toys, vehicles and equipment.  More things are coming in all the time.  It should be a great event, so even if you don’t have things to sell, come check out the bargains!  For more info, get in touch with Terry Bascom at 672-5390 or

The Coolidge State Historic Site will be opening and there is a wonderful new exhibit, Grace Coolidge “A Glass of Fashion,” that examines 1920s style and her role as a fashion trendsetter.  Glittering beads, low hipped waists, and ragged hemlines appeared on even the most formal dresses for state occasions.  Come see gowns, jewelry, evening bags, ostrich feather fans and other elaborate accessories typical of this stylish era.

Tyson Library StacksTyson Library will open for the season on 6/1.  Library Hours and Librarians  – 1st and 3rd Mondays 6pm-7pm/Sally Markwell; Tuesday 10am-12pm/Jane Wallace; Wednesday 10am-12pm/Betty Aubin; Thursday 10am-12pm/Carolyn Scott; Friday 10am-12pm/Roy Pierson; Saturday 10am-12pm/Julia Baldwin; Marge Harlow will fill in as needed.  This adorable little building just off Dublin Road contains many books and is well worth a visit!  Some day passes for Camp Plymouth State Park are available there, too.

Our 2 local camps will be getting into full swing in June.  Brandon Bergey at Bethany Birches Camp, where 90% of the campers are from VT, wants everyone to know that they try to make their camping experience very accessible to Plymouth residents – $200 per week.  Call 802-672-5220 or email with questions.  When Rebecca Geary spoke at the Reach Out Luncheon, she mentioned that Farm and Wilderness Camp (802-422-3761) has some scholarship funds as well.

Our 3 State parks will be opening for the season on the holiday weekend.  I spoke with the new ranger at the Coolidge Park on Rte 100A, Sean Dempsey, who said camping will be great there this season.  For reservations within 2 wks, call 672-3612.  Otherwise call 888-401-7579 or go on the website.

As far as Camp Plymouth (228-2025) is concerned, Chris is back and the park is ready for fun.  I understand that fees will be increasing effective 7/1, including adult tickets, boat rentals, punch passes and vehicle passes (currently $80 which includes 8 people).  So, if you plan to make use of this wonderful facility, consider purchasing your punch or vehicle pass before the change!

Don’t forget the Strawberry Festival at Camp Plymouth from 5-8 PM on Wed 6/17.  Come out and enjoy the BBQ with great salads and homemade baked beans, wonderful strawberry shortcake with fresh berries, and the huge raffle that benefits local community needs.  Thanks to Adam Boyce, who will be providing music again.  Face-painting for those young-at-heart, and all sorts of other things!  The most fun as far as I am concerned is seeing friends and neighbors.  The park entrance fee is waived for the event, and it is held rain or shine.  Hope to see you there!

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