Summertime! And the Livin’ is Good! — Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.

Tyson Library

Tyson Library


Interesting weather lately – bright sunshine, sudden cloud bursts, starry nights!  At times it has played havoc with summer activities.  Last week at Camp Plymouth State Park two families I know were rained upon.  Melissa was there on Wednesday with Owen and Landon, as were Morgan Sailer-Carlisle with Harper and Colby when the skies opened up.  Of course the youngsters thought it was a great adventure!

Old Home Day this coming Saturday, 8/1 from 10:00 to 4:00, will provide activities for all age groups and hopefully the weather will cooperate.  Come enjoy wagon rides, a noon barbecue, old-time music, sheep shearing, craft demonstrations, and old-fashioned children’s games.  Paul Wood, agricultural historian will speak at 1:30 PM  and the reenactment of Calvin Coolidge’s “Homestead Inaugural” will take place at 2:47 PM.

I had mentioned previously that Bea Wheeler’s birthday is 7/30, but I wanted to be sure that folks know she is back home, in case you want to send a card.  Liza Ward still remains at the Gill Home.

Tyson Church is pleased that Melissa Maravell will be providing special music at our 8/9 Morning Worship service at 10:30.  We first met Melissa when she performed at the outdoor concerts at Hawk and her music is wonderful.  Everyone is invited to join us.

New book stacks at Tyson Library

Tyson Library bookstacks

Have you stopped in to Tyson Library lately?  It is open for the season with the following hours: 1st and 3rd Mondays 6-7 PM, Tuesday through Saturday 10-noon. This adorable little building just off Dublin Road may seem small from the outside, but it contains many books and is well worth a visit!  Don’t forget that passes are available there for many local attractions, too!

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