Our Community United to Rehabilitate the Town’s Playground



Ten Farm and Wilderness campers recently helped the Town of Plymouth refresh our Community Playground, located at the old Plymouth Schoolhouse Activity Center. The campers were participants in the Tamarack Farm teen camp. Their participation was coordinated by Tamarack Farm camp director Amy Bowen.

The campers spread mulch around the revived playground after Plymouth Town employee and Selectboard member Larry Lynds and the Plymouth road crew contributed hours to the project, removing old mulch, regrading the playscape, and delivering truckloads of new mulch. Plymouth Selectboard member Russ Tonkin coordinated the project on behalf of the Selectboard. Plymouth Activity Coordinator Terry Bascom, and Schoolhouse Committee member Jen Flaster, who is also the Development Director at Farm and Wilderness Camp, participated in the project’s conception, design, and execution. Altogether, the rehabilitation of the Community Playground represents a great collaboration between Plymouth town government, residents, and local business.

In addition to offering a refreshed playscape for our growing numbers of young children, the new playground provides an additional beautiful and safe resource for “Plymouth School,” the state-licensed pre-school and primary grades program offered by Plymouth resident Lauren Skaskiw. Plymouth School is located in the Library room of the Activity Center.

These photos are courtesy of Lauren Skaskiw:

Playground Rehab 1 (Skaskiw) Playground Rehab 2 (Skaskiw) Playground Rehab 3 (Skaskiw)

Playground Rehab 5 (Skaskiw) Playground Rehab 6 (Skaskiw) Playground Rehab 7 (Skaskiw)


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