Blessing of the Animals and a Presentation on the Finnish Exhibit


How does life get so busy?  I’ll bet most of you ask that question, too.  Not much time to gather news.  Anyway, the Blessing of the Animals will be held at Lucy MacKenzie next Saturday, 10/3 at 1:00.  Please bring your pet or a picture (real or in your heart) and join us.

Alice Suojanen will be the 11:00 AM speaker at the 10/15 Reach Out Luncheon in the downstairs Community Room of Tyson Church, talking about the Finnish Exhibit at Black River Museum.  She will be bringing some artifacts with her, so it should be very interesting.

On a happy note, Bill Jarvi’s latest grand-daughter has arrived, Greer Ryan McQuillen.  Congratulations to parents, Luke and Laura, and also to grandmom, Kristen!

Tweedledee, tweedledum
Been a busy week, so I’m on the run
So hold your horses, just wait and see
When next week comes there just might be
A thought or two from this old muse
So lend a hand – send me some news!

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