Fall: A Season of Change — Margo’s Plymouth Report


Amazing weather!  I went for a bike ride last Thursday and the colors were still lovely.  We traveled to CT this weekend, so were able to relish fall all over again.  I wish it had been less frigid for Vera Davis’ graveside service on 10/23, but her warmth showed through in any case.

I was unable to attend Fly By Night at WUHS, but I understand from Kathy Lynds that Marcia Bender directed an amazing performance.  She “led the young cast in an incredibly complex combination of music and dialog that came off flawlessly.”  I am told that Ian Dupont did an outstanding job as Mr McClam, singing wonderfully.  Eve Cole and Anna Hepler sang in the chorus and Andrew Buchan-Groff played in the three-piece band.  Way to go performers!

Fall seems like a time for adjustments.  This weekend our systems will need to adjust to daylight saving time, something to which my body usually takes me some time to acclimate.  November 1st will also bring an additional alteration in my schedule because I will be on Sabbatical from then until 11/28.  Wonderful people will be covering for me, including two Sundays by Terry Bascom.  The congregation is mobilizing, so things should run quite smoothly!  You can always leave a message on the church phone (228-4770) and someone will be checking the answering machine.

LPCTV sent the following announcement for Plymouth residents:  Have something to say about your Comcast cable service? Is there anything you would like to see happen with that service over the next 11 years? How about community access TV stations like ours? Would you like to see our channels in HD? Our video on demand?  Since PSB is considering Comcast’s renewal for a Certificate of Public Good, the license that allows it to provide telecommunications service in the State, now is the time to let your views be known, but it needs to be done by NOVEMBER 1st.  Send your comments to the Clerk of the PSB at christine.peterson@vermont.gov) re Docket 8301.  Also to Patrick Cody at Vermont Access Network  pcody@lpctv.org).   Let your voice be heard.

Thanks to Sandie Small, who attended the meeting with ABLE Waste (802-672-3569), I have a few highlights to report.  The cost of this curbside recycling service will be covered through property taxes, but residents do need to sign up.  Each resident will be given one recycling bin, although additional ones (specific for handling by ABLE trucks) with lids may be purchased for $15.  The Town is divided into 2 sections with 100A being the dividing line, with alternating Monday pick-up between the North (starting 10/26 & the South (starting 11/2), beginning at 7:00 AM.  Hawk West has the same schedule and procedures as the Town as the roads are maintained by the Town. The other side of Hawk (East side) falls under Hawk procedures.  Second home owners will be on a “call” basis.

From 10/19:  I understand that a bald eagle has been spotted in Tyson and I also heard that there is a moose wandering around Rte 100 in the Union.  The only animals on my horizon lately are mice!  They seem to be preparing for winter by trying to find a warm and comfy home in our house and garage.

Things are winding down at the Notch for the season, although the Cheese Factory is still open and the Wilder House will continue serving until the end of the month.  There still seem to be a good number of buses around town and so far the colors are quite nice in some areas, although showers of leaves are falling quickly now.

This past Sunday was our Annual Church Meeting at Tyson Church, but the most exciting agenda item was the new organ.  Music is an important part of our worship.  The age of our organ was showing and we needed to replace it.  As a result we are fundraising to cover the $7,000 cost.  Feel free to join our effort!  We are excited about the Community Candlelight Service that will take place at 7:00 PM on 12/20 with extra special music.

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