Winter Has Arrived … Time for Camp! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.




Well, snow has arrived, but can’t say I am thrilled with this “wintry mix”!  Been using my boot gripers just to get from the house to the garage.  May we all be prudent in these kinds of conditions and make 2016 a safe year!  That goes for traveling the roads, too.  So many people here for vacation, despite the so-so snow. Stores are crowded, but so are the roads.

Tom and I took Owen and Landon to the Monshire Museum on Wednesday and although the parking lot was nearly full, there was still plenty of room inside at the exhibits.  What a great places with things for various age levels.  A number of  gray-hairs there with little ones, so I suppose many other grandparents were looking for an indoor activity with their young charges.  By the way, they had the big conference room open and were serving a limited selection of food.  We brought our lunches as did most folks, but supplemented with delicious turkey/rice soup!

Winter fun will be happening at Bethany Birches Camp in February, so I am noting the dates so you can register ahead of time and be sure of getting a place.  Lynx (2/13-16) is for grades 4-7.  Polar Bear (2/19-21) covers grades 7-9.  For grades 3-6, plan on attending Bobcat (2/26-28).  To register or to obtain more information, call 802-672-5220 or click here to go to the website.

With sadness, I want to let folks know that Richard Murphy passed away on 12/9.  You may recall seeing Dick riding his bicycle near Hawk in past summers.  He and his wife, Chris, bought their place off Rte 100 in Plymouth over 20 years ago and have enjoyed summers here, while wintering in SC.  Sincere condolences to Chris.

Happy, healthy New Year!

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