Parents’ Night Out Babysitting, Snowshoeing, and Wednesday Pub Talks — Margo’s Plymouth Report

owl in flight1/17/16

Just took a short trek up Patch Brook Road.  Nice going and not too cold.  A good workout for a 1st day of snowshoeing this season!  There is some ice underfoot, so caution is still needed.   The road conditions in Plymouth were a bit tricky this past Saturday, causing 2 rollovers and keeping the Plymouth Fire Department busy.  I don’t believe that anyone was seriously hurt, which is good.  Be careful!

I understand that Jim Cooke (fondly known around here for his delightful impersonation of Calvin Coolidge) is interested in selling some of his many books about Cal and that era.  For those history buffs out there, you may reach Jim at 617-939-7328 or

I am sure there must be more January birthdays, but the only one I know is Cindy Vosburgh on 1/20.  Best wishes!  Somewhat in line with birthdays, Joan Day has managed to keep a half-tame bunny from starving or becoming a meal for the local predators, but low and behold, the furry little creature seems about ready to give birth.  Well, that is what bunnies do…..

I am told that the talk by Lisa Kaiman of Jersey Girls Dairy and Store was quite informative and the samples were delicious.  Since I babysit through dinner most Wednesdays, I am afraid I will be missing the Five Corners Pub and Brewhouse Pub Talks series.  This week the speaker will be Chris Moonen of Plymouth Artisan Cheese.

You may have seen in the paper that Killington is offering a babysitting service, so couples can have some time to themselves and know that their youngsters are safe and entertained.  So, I was not surprised to read that Lauren Skaskiw will be offering babysitting at our Schoolhouse Community Building in Plymouth (where she offered summer child care) starting 1/23 from 4:00 – 9:00 PM.  The fee is $30 per child, 3 yrs and above. $40 per child under 3 yrs of age.  Contact her at 802-855-7566 for more details or to reserve a spot.

Cheryl Bishop read the story of the Wise Men for the children in church today, then helped them with a special craft.  The youngsters also decided to use the money they collected for the Heifer Project to buy a goat to help a family in a 3rd world country, although when initially discussed, the animals of choice were a leopard, then a whale!

Lastly, I wanted to share a poem written by Elaine Pauley that I hope you will enjoy:

gently falling
weak sun striving
thru thick gray clouds
rabbit tracks in the snow
imprint of owl’s wing tells the story.

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