Local Students Achieve Scholarly Recognition! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Bethany Birches Pavilion (1) (Feb, 2016)

Inside Bethany Birches’ new pavilion.


A nippy Valentine’s Day – possibly meant for cuddling up in an attempt to stay warm!  Sorry that the Plymouth Press website is down for the moment, but hopefully it will be back up and running soon.

I just wanted to recognize some of our area scholars.  These are names that I recognize, but I imagine there are others who may be new to our area.  Please feel free to contact me with the interesting things our young people are doing.  Anna Hepler (9th grade), Julia Kowalski (9th grade) and Andy Buchan-Groff (12th grade) are on the  Summa Cum Laude list.  Lonnie Enis’ granddaughter Teresa (11th grade) made the Magna Cum Laude list.  Congratulations to one and all!

There are several students practicing for the next Yoh Theatre play as I write.  I am hoping to have more information for the next report.

A roll-over on Pingree Flats on Saturday resulted in vehicle damage, but fortunately no injuries were reported.  I believe our Fire Dept assisted with that terrible fire in South Reading as well.  From pictures, only a few brick walls remain standing.  As I am writing this article on Mon morning, there is another huge fire on Rte 131 in Amsdem, I believe.  This cold weather and the need to keep warm can set up these tragedies, so please be careful.

Exciting news at Bethany Birches Camp, the big doors at the pavilion have been installed making it a warm and inviting space for campers!   See pic.

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