Town Meeting Coming, Student Art Exhibit — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Plymouth Town Sign2/22/16

What a mixed bag lately as far as weather is concerned.  Amazing how the 5 or so inches of snow we received last week could so quickly turn to mush.  Of course, that didn’t happen in all places, especially on steep driveways that turned to glare ice instead!  Thank you to the congenial and brave UPS man who walked a package up our driveway in the pouring rain.

I am so disappointed that my mind was elsewhere when I was taking a class in Lebanon last Saturday because at the end I meant to locate the Ava Gallery and peruse the The 8th Annual Best of the Upper Valley High School Exhibition to see the artwork of Ian Dupont.  This is a noteworthy event comprised of selections from seventeen area high schools to showcase the talent of local students.  There is still time, however, because the event runs through 3/11.

Well, Annual Meeting is drawing near, so be sure to attend at 7:00 PM on Monday 2/29 if you want to have a say on items that do not require voting by Australian ballot. The main item is Article 3, “To see if the Town will vote to raise $1,201,921 in taxes to pay estimated expenses in the amount of $1,251,921”, but you never know what else might come up!  The school meeting will be held immediately following.   Under consideration is “Shall the voters of the Plymouth Town School District approve the school board to expend $1,003,636.00”.  I imagine everyone would like to examine the budgets, which are noted in the Town Reports that are being mailed to registered voters this week.  Others can pick up a copy from Sandie at the Town Office.

Voting by Australian ballot for Town Officers will take place on 3/1 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  These include:  Town Moderator, Selectman, Lister, Collector of Delinquent Taxes, Trustee of Public Funds, Cemetery Commissioner, First Constable, Second Constable, Grand Juror, Town Agent, School District Clerk/Treasurer, School District Moderator, and 2 School Directors.  There are no contested offices.  Ralph Michael is the Selectman up for re-election and Tom Marrone is the Lister whose term is up.  Mike Pierson is running for Cemetery Commissioner in place of his dad.  Rebecca Geary was appointed previously to fill a School Director vacancy and now needs to be duly elected.  There is still a School Director vacancy since Robert Fishman isn’t seeking another term, so there can be a write-in for that position.

Lastly our best wishes go to Jody Blanchard as she pursues other employment opportunities.  We will miss her pleasant manner and smiling face.  Applications are being sought to fill that position.

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