Our Students Travel, Historical Society Elections, Book Club Meets — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.


Well, Easter Sunday redeemed itself weather-wise too!  I hope that everyone enjoyed the day.  There were 18 of us at our house for brunch following church – friends and family and fabulous food.  Some ventured out for a walk afterward to work off the meal!

Our flower-decorated church was lovely, so a special thanks goes to Cindy Summer for doing a beautiful job with it.  The drawing by John DiGioia guided us as we lay our burdens down & picked up flowers representing new life.  Of course, the children stole the show as usual, as they listened to the book Don’t Worry Bear by Greg E. Fole about a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

Don’t forget the Reading Group meeting at 6:30 this Thursday, where we will discuss Midnight in Broad Daylight about a Japanese family during WWII.  It was enlightening reading and should provide an interesting discussion.

The Historical Society is going to be electing officers at the 4/21 meeting.  It will take place at the Community Center at 7:00 PM that day.  Those interested in running for President, Treasurer or Secretary should respond to Betsy Tonkin at  tbone6547@aol.com to have your name included.  I am not sure what the mid-May program will be that is under consideration, but they are always interesting and informative.

Some of our students are traveling in foreign countries over vacation.  We wish them safe travel and well-being.  It is always wonderful to hear about their adventure, so hopefully they will share some stories with us upon their return!

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