Christian-Muslim Interfaith Conversation at Tyson Church — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Get ready for another Strawberry Festival! Coming June 22!


First of all, I suppose I need to explain the picture that was in the Plymouth Press with my article.   No, that was not a bear at my feeder!  Terry sometimes finds interesting pictures that reflect something I have written, but in this case I guess it caused some concern and confusion.  I do appreciate Terry’s extra effort!

Tyson Ladies Aid would like to thank everyone who baked and purchased items at the Good Friday Bake Sale.  It was a miserable day, but folks turned out despite the cold and rain.  Just a heads-up about the Plymouth Strawberry Festival – a joint effort of Plymouth Emergency Services, Tyson Ladies Aid, and Tyson Congregational Church.  This year it will take place on Wed, 6/22 at Camp Plymouth State Park.

The church does the raffle piece, funds from which go into a special community fund that helps pay for the entrée at the Community Reach Out Luncheons and the money is also used to assist folks with special needs in our area.  These funds do not go to support church expenses. Volunteers will begin soliciting raffle items in the near future.  More details on the Festival will be forthcoming as the plans evolve, but mark your calendars!

Birthday wishes go out to Liza Ward (4/12), Cheryl Bishop (4/13) and Kathy Lynds (4/29).  Liza is at the Gill Home, 8 Gill Terrace, Ludlow 05149, so consider sending her a card.

I want to let everyone know about the special speakers we will be having at Tyson Church in conjunction with our reading ofThe Faith Club.  This book is helping us to explore the differences and similarities between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity through the eyes of three women who began meeting after 9/11.  Mijidah and Ahas Coburn, practicing Muslims here in VT, will be joining us for our 4/24 service to provide more information about their faith.  They will stay for a potluck lunch afterward as well.  Our space is not huge, but we invite folks to join us.  Our Worship begins at 10:30 AM and the Coburns will speak during the sermon portion of our service.  It would be helpful to know how many might be coming, so please email or call if you do not usually attend our church.  We are so pleased to have this event and include others!

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