Plymouth Activities for the Second Half of July — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Printed by permission of The Vermont Standard

July Field7/10/16

Well, not the best weekend for a wedding, but there was one at the Echo Lake Inn on Saturday and I imagine that everyone enjoyed it despite the weather.  We had one at the church on Wednesday, no rain but quite a bit of heat and humidity.  VT is such a lovely place, no wonder so many couples want to have their destination weddings here!

I understand from Bill Jenney that they estimate there were 800 people in attendance at the President Coolidge Historic Site on the 4th.  It was a prefect day for the parade – even a slight breeze.  Speeches were short and sweet, noting the honorable character of President Coolidge.

On Sunday, 7/17, there will be a program at the Notch in the Union Christian Church about the flower garden planted by Carrie Brown Coolidge, Calvin’s stepmother in the early 20th century.   Apparently Allen and Rose Buswell spent three years in battle with invasive Bishops weed (goutweed) before eradicating it and restoring the garden in line with historical records.  Although the program is free, donations to the garden maintenance fund are always appreciated.

The Plymouth Reading Group is reading Fannie Flagg’s (of “Fried Green Tomatoes” fame) “The All Girl Filling-Station’s Last Reunion.”, which is reputed to be funny and entertaining.  We will discuss it on Thursday, 8/4 at 6:30 at the Community Center.

By the way, John Wheeler is having rehab at the Gill Home in Ludlow, following his hip surgery.  Don’t forget that Liza Ward is still there, too!   Bill Jarvi will be at the Cafe-at-Delight in Ludlow on Friday, 8/5 at 10:00 AM before an 11:00 AM appointment.  He loves to see folks there!

I saw the Front Porch notation about a cook being needed at Farm and Wilderness’ Timberlake camp which is a seven-week residential camp for up to 120 9-14 year old boys, To apply contact Julie Sanderson at or 802-422-3761.

Consider joining us at Tyson Church on 7/17 for Worship (10:30 AM), when we will have a summer potluck lunch at noon, followed by music with Bruce & Caleb Freeberg at 1:00 PM.  We are hoping the weather will be nice so we can be outside.  We will also serve maple creemie ice cream, so consider joining us for all or part of these activities.  This is also a special time to remember Rose Frye by wearing hats as she always did.  All are welcome!

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