Proposed Traffic Control VT Route 100A


From Sandie Small, Plymouth Town Clerk/Treasurer

J.P. Sicard, Inc., has approached the Town of Plymouth about the ability to work this fall and a traffic pattern that works for JSP and the Town. The Town indicated they would approve the road being closed to all but local traffic this fall. JPS agrees local traffic could travel through the site safely in a one-lane alternating pattern. JPS flaggers would have radio communication with the crew and would notify them when traffic was coming through the site to ensure safe passage. The Town of Plymouth identified local traffic as one school bus in the morning and one in the afternoon, local residents, and Town highway vehicles. The road would be opened to two-way traffic daily at the end of the work shift. JPS would also utilize UTO’s at either end of the closure to deter non-local traffic.

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2 Responses to Proposed Traffic Control VT Route 100A

  1. Sue Poirier says:

    Hopefully that will also include ambulance and fire apparatus…

  2. Bud Klatsch says:

    What are ‘local residents’? Residents of Plymouth? Only residents that live on Rt. 100A?

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